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Jerky Varieties
Dublin Store's famous Jerky, homemade using Our Own Recipes!
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Beef, Turkey, Pork, and Chicken Varieties - $13.00/lb
Double Smoked Original Beef, Pit-Smoked Original and Apple Jack Beef - $17.00/lb
Pheasant, Venison, Buffalo, Elk and Ostrich Varieties - $18.00/lb
Crocodile and Kangaroo Varieties - $22.00/lb
Double Smoke Elk and Double Smoke Venison - $22.00/lb
Duck - $24.00/lb

Beef Varieties
Original Beef
Double Smoked Original Beef
BBQ Beef
Cajun Beef
Teriyaki Beef
Pepper Beef
Jalapeno Beef
Maple Beef
Hell Fire Beef
Sweet Heat Beef
Cherry Beef
Garlic & Onion Beef
Apple Jack Beef
Country Brew Beef
Chili Cheese Beef
Mesquite Beef
Hellfire Beef
Corned Beef
Pit-Smoked Original

Chicken Varieties
Cherry Chicken
BBQ Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken
Buffalo Chicken

Elk Varieties
Original Elk
Maple Elk
Double Smoked Elk


Turkey Varieties
BBQ Turkey
Honey Ham Turkey
Cajun Turkey
Original Turkey
Teriyaki Turkey
Honey Mustard Turkey
Sweet Heat Turkey
Maple Turkey
Pepper Turkey

Pork Varieties
BBQ Pork
Hawaiian Pork
Original Pork

Venison Varieties
Original Venison
Pepper Venison
BBQ Venison
Double Smoked Venison
Hellfire Venison

Buffalo Varieties
Original Buffalo
Cajun Buffalo
BBQ Buffalo

Other Varieties

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