Store Hours:
  • Mon-Sat 9am-7pm
  • Sun 9am-6pm

About Us

Dublin General Store

Family-owned since 1935, the Dublin General Store is the place to get fresh cured meats in Northern Michigan. In fact, it is known as “The Jerky Place.” We started home-curing jerky with our own special recipe in 1975 and have been perfecting our craft ever since. With over 50 varieties of jerky to try at the Dublin General Store, everyone will find something that suits their fancy. The flavors range from Original Beef to Hell Fire Beef, Cajun Turkey, and Hawaiian Pork. Dublin also offers up jerky made from wild-game including venison, rabbit, pheasant, elk, kangaroo, wild boar, and alligator.

Dublin doesn’t limit our meat production to just jerky – we also make our own brats, hot dogs, cheddar cheese and summer sausages, and jerky sticks! It is a carnivore’s playground.

Dublin General Store is a full service grocery including Hardware, Bakery, Deli and Pharmacy.